Some days, some times of day, I'm no more than a quivering pair of lungs burgeoning with fear.

Anxiety is treacherous water for the ship your ego pilots with only your id as first mate. Question the body's seaworthiness. Expect mutiny.


  1. apparently, I made this blog :
    in 2004. I don't even know what my email address would have been. I'm trying to start a new blog and I tried to make anaugirain and it was taken and I was like "no way!" and found that.

    1. (thought the one post was relevant to you)

    2. Most definitely relevant to me!

      I hate it when you lose access to an account (and more importantly, the NAME!) that way. The same thing happened to me on Flickr with Enantiomer. I'd have to ask my mom to set up that email account on her server again since it no longer exists... which is just way too much work, haha.


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