Thoughts in sentence form are so ambiguous as to be nearly meaningless. The same words can appear a million times with as many motivations and results. (Or maybe worse, to no effect whatsoever.) The verbal flotsam drifting around my head is no more destructive than it is palliative -- and yet it must be interpreted one way or another if I am to fall entirely apart or together. It requires a certain presence of mind not to dive abruptly overboard into self-interpretation on the search for that same quality of self-understanding. If you're not there already, how can you possibly arrive?

Whenever I think about how few pictures I've been taking (zero), I make a picture of myself with photo booth. They are not the most representative group of images, or rather they do a very, very good job of representing a few small things.


  1. Your writing always makes me pause and breathe and think.

  2. I'm glad it means something to you, I'm usually half-convinced I've been spouting nonsense.


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