I worry that people will not "get" my photography, but then I wonder what "getting" means and if I want it to be "gotten," and also what if anything there is to be "gotten" from it anyway. I would not say that my photos are conceptual so much as deeply emotional (for me personally, which I would think does not necessarily translate to meaning for anyone else.) I guess that's why I'm much more comfortable sharing it here, where I can start every sentence with "I," and be transparently self-serving in purpose. (I hope. Did you think I was writing for you? (Do I really think I am writing for me?))

I have some other things to say about academia and the internet (not related) but they are brewing slowly and maybe I should just write in a paper journal if I don't know what's going to come out of my fingers before it exists. I haven't kept a regular paper journal in several years, but before that I was prolific. What has changed?

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