The new style of dance that I mentioned starting is this, aerial silks.

When I watch someone on silks I can feel with my whole body that that is what I should be doing.

When there comes a moment in which my body tells me it absolutely cannot do this thing I am asking, it becomes obvious that that is the thing I must do, and when I do it, there being nothing left to argue, we are left in total, absolute peace. I know I was made to operate with grace and strength, to ask more of myself in the most physical way. I interact better with my body than I do with anyone else. It is the same feeling, stuck in an insuperable position near the top of a rock, after trying the few possible holds over and over, when one at last yields that extra molecule of grasp and you throw yourself up past an invisible barrier into peace. I haven't been rock climbing in a long time (that would require interaction with someone other than myself, after all) but I remember that feeling - and it is this feeling.

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