Three things I thought about posting this week, while not having internet

I. This post and pictures: 

Three consecutive PhotoBooth self-portraits

one room
one hand
one sweatshirt
three doorways
three days and times of day
three light sources
three faces

II. This idea

The passage of DNA from ancestors to descendants is as much a process of leaving-out as it is of inclusion or combination. 50/50 the two, in point of fact. Is the accumulation of self through time the same? I would be tempted to guess even less adding-on and more leaving-behind.

III. This self-reflection

There are several parts of me that combine to make me not-very-timely. I am terrible at remembering numbers--or more properly remembering to remember numbers (dates, times, the relationships between times...) I am obsessively focused on whatever task I am currently performing, at the expense of everything else in my life. I will keep washing dishes until all the dishes are washed, or I will keep not washing dishes until there's no way around it. I will keep reading until the book is over, and I will keep writing until the paper is full (what a disaster on a computer screen that scrolls endlessly!) I will keep not-leaving after the time to leave is long past, excepting the times when leaving is the first thing on my mind and I skip everything I should have done first, arriving early with nothing to do and nothing done. I am not good at being on time.

One of these was stored on my computer, one was intentionally stored in my head, and the third I remembered solely for the purpose of inflating the list to three items. I write sentences with three clauses pretty often because it feels good, but not of course without the worry that everyone will notice and think less of me for it.

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