Where did those 35 extra views come from today, I wonder? Probably not human eyes. But just to be safe, I'll post something so utterly clear in its non-intentionality that no one can think I was trying too hard.

I've become much better at accepting the failure of my photography. It's become easier to tell myself that if the incredible picture I just took doesn't materialize, I'll just have to make an even better one next time. Maybe I'll forget it was ever meant to exist.


One of the opening acts of the show I went to last night was a magician. It was so much fun! There was an intoxicating mix of inevitability and surprise in the card turning up, the dollar bill returning nestled in the peel of a newly-cut orange, just the mess of juice and the burning napkins and the posters falling down and in the middle of everything being beguiled into total astonished amazement. I want to be amazed, as it turns out. Surprise does not cut it, the additional element of delight is key.


We learned something called a leg-roll in silks class the other day, which consists of wrapping yourself around one piece of fabric, pushing it down one ankle with the other on every turn. The gradual climbing action, threading your body between and around, winding slowly up from the floor, is paired with a necessary descent and unwinding that spins you on your own weight down in a nearly effortless reversal cum elision of motion.

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