A few complaints

I don't really like the delineation between hobby and career (speaking as someone without a career), leaving aside the whole education mess. Life is incomprehensible on the daily level if you call it something so big. And likewise - it's impossible to raise everything that you do simultaneously into a large-scale picture. I guess it's a question of selection, where you put your efforts and priorities, but when it comes down to it I can't make anything a priority without questioning the hell out of it and wishing I was doing something else.

This is the time of year -- the students are on spring break now -- that I'd usually decide I absolutely couldn't go on and float off into a blissful emptiness of digging in dirt.

I've been trying to hold my priorities in line, not to let one feeling push everything else out of the picture, but it's hard and I have to take stock constantly. I forget what I want.

Some more things I scanned this week:

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