Talking about "the problem"

I think part of the problem is aspiring to get from an experience of complication to something simple. My understanding and my envy speak two different languages.

Here are some things that happened this spring, in some kind of order, maybe or maybe not from the same roll. I can remember considering posting each of them, but not whether I did in the end. They were the first thing I put my cursor on, looking for something to post.

Is this too easy? Hard things are easier to regret, and at least the easy ones have an excuse. I had more things to say about sharing this week, and then I thought about them so much they lost their appeal. Time is not always on output's side. I want to exhibit my art, in the sense that I want people who don't know me to see it. I want some part of me to be seen in the absence of the rest, maybe because the only way it can be done is through someone else's eye.

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