I don't want to take grand, stunning photographs because, in general, life is not grand and stunning for me, but rather small, complex, imperfect, and confusing, and I want my writing and photography to reflect that. Or maybe I just don't have the knowledge or skill to make those kinds of photos.

I define myself as a photographer maybe two days out of the week, and mostly in the context of berating myself for not doing more photographer-ly things like promoting my work or, you know, taking photographs. I never define myself as a writer. This concern has become fraught this week because there's a big photography festival in town, so most people you see on the street are holding very large or very small cameras, sporting stylish utilitarian clothing and haircuts, and frequently asking if you are a photographer.

I got hit on Wednesday with the double "Are you a student? Are you a photographer?" which was too much question to respond to on the turn of a dime.

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