In the spirit of What the Hell (am I Doing?), here's this fleshly mass of beaver via the National Geographic picture of the day.

I've read a lot about wetlands this month, somewhat in the context of, or just adjacent to, reading about barrier islands. Also Edward Teach. And Federico Cesi. And really just more reading all around than I've done in a while. Mostly for fun, but within the context of a project, which always makes more things possible. I haven't mentioned this project, I know, but it's also the reason I've been talking so much about reading my journals/blogs. I made a physical book, although I don't have it in its physical form yet. Maybe it's being printed as we speak. It's kind of a mess, but a carefully fervently curated mess and I feel a lot of affection for it without us even having met. So to speak.

I've made a lot of photos, and a lot of journals, but not ever really brought them together until this book. Except here, which I don't count as a journal because of the influence of context, yadda yadda. I stopped getting prints when I stopped being able to use drugstore film processing, and there's always a nudge towards it, thus far successfully repressed. I do miss them.

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