The studio where I take aerial silks and lyra classes is primarily a pole and burlesque school. The building (room really) was broken into yesterday (not the first time) in a really architecturally violent way, and besides money they, again, took videos from the safe. The fear that these videos of private actions (although intentionally not private in a very essential way), recorded somewhat (although inherently not) privately (although a record can't help but be neutral in terms of its potential public) might be reproduced as a new record on the public, public internet (although a public made up of individual privatenesses), is (obviously) convoluted, and yet of course, obviously, for the people who feel it, it is totally simple. That simple notion of public and private gets muddled by who and where and definitely why. It's unexpected to have the digital and physical intersect in these emotion-driven ways. Or not. Sometimes it's all I think about.

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