I contemplated writing some phrases down for reposting here. One referred to mania (beatlemania) and the other... I don't know, but if I had to guess, The Body.

Other words in my notebooks I've been busy not-posting:
"When her schizophrenia made her feel certain that she was dead, she began to write and to draw in order to survive by rediscovering a body, whatever form that might take." 
Le Cloisonné de Théâtre, Aloïse Corbaz
Raw Vision 57, Winter 2006, pp. 46-53

"The panda principle:
nature operates with the available materials, not necessarily the ideal option"
my notes from BIOL302 Evolution and Ecology
or BIOL4180 Behavioral Ecology
or BIOL3250 Animal Behavior

Hard to say. This is what happens when we don't record, things slip away. There was another unnoted quote from Aperture that said exactly that.

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