I know no one wants to comment here, because what would you say?

"Oh, Anna, you're still depressed? That's still depressing!"

I make things that are perhaps difficult to understand and somewhat hard to respond to, but the difficulty is directly tied to the difficulty of connecting perception and expression, and I'm sure I do it on purpose. Maybe I don't express myself clearly because I'm afraid I can't do it the normal way. Whenever I try to give a direct statement about my life it makes me extremely self-conscious. It's easier to talk about my feelings (can't help that!) than my actions (subject to endless potential criticism).

"Do the hard thing" being one of several personal mottoes, I should probably try. Get some more concrete nouns up in here. In this post I used: things, difficulty, perception, expression, statement, life, feelings, actions, and criticism. I guess that about sums it up.


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