Been ruminating on time again (still). It's almost a decade exactly since I left Blacksburg, and spending time here again makes me kinda wistful. Past/present comparison is tough. I can only compare a story I made up about the past with a very momentary present. My constant suspicion is that no matter whether I tell myself things are better, or perhaps that I've hit some kind of nadir, in truth life is always pretty much the same. Sometimes anxiety prevails, sometimes happiness wins out, but neither will ever leave. It's all in how you interpret your moment.

So maybe things are exactly the same, insofar as how perception goes down, but what's behind and in front of that glass does change. My brain has more (just different?) stuff in it. I wish I could get a picture of what was behind my eyes before.

As little as I like to think of photography as a device to stop or preserve time, it is an engagement with what's across the glass.

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