Recipe for a meal alone:

Warm a tortilla in the cast-iron skillet that, after a year, still needs reseasoning.
Find a few not-rotten leaves of spinach in the refrigerator drawer.
Rinse off vaguely smelly pinto beans and add to still-warm skillet along with a handful of leftover basmati. We can now call this fusion cuisine.
Chop garlic, to taste and patience. Save your onion for dinner.
Pick a few leaves of quickly-gone-to-seed cilantro. Move out of direct sun and ignore resident earwigs.
Fry beans, rice, and garlic with cumin, chili powder, and black pepper in still-warm skillet.
Wilt still-wet spinach on top, deglazing with lime juice.
Serve on tortilla with the last beer in the case.

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