There's a lot of complexity in familiarity. I'm going along just fine and then there are these moments of intense anger and frustration, almost or maybe truly out of nowhere. I am so, so afraid of the future and so disappointed in the past and also really (really) profoundly okay.

And really not happy at all with my pictures. I dug up some more rolls that I skipped before, and I guess I could have gone with my original assessment of not being interested enough to scan them because although they appeal to me in the thumbnail, as a whole they're just disappointing. The pleasure of reminding myself of what I was looking at last year was pretty quickly overshadowed by the distance I feel from it. The only ones I'm really interested in are self-portraits. There are more than I expected. A lot of them were really good until I realized I had scanned them backwards, and that the unfamiliarity of my face was the appeal.

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