I think I may never be a writer because the act of writing is so inherently self-reflexive that I don't know how to have semantic content that doesn't boil down to "I am writing." Or maybe that's why I should?

Anyway, I've been thinking about the future a lot (between long bouts of rearview-thinking, natch) and when I get to the point of planning the career that will fund the career that will fund the passion, I become ridiculous to myself and "living in the moment" starts sounding like good, if cliché, advice again. I've always sort of argued against it in my head because I think it's really a ridiculous thing to say. What if your moment sucks? How would I not have already killed myself without the powers of memory and forward-thinking? Either way, it's the thread that holds the present with the future that cannot detach.

I don't have strong feelings either way about being a writer, so it's easy to mention.

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