But on the other hand I never imagined myself cooking in a restaurant, so who knows.

This is where I am standing right now. Tonight is the kind (cold, lots of snow, very slow business) when I would be taking pictures, had I a camera.

This blog has been somewhat "Dear Diary," lately, no? Not that there's anything wrong with that. Or maybe the way I write my diaries would not be recognizable as such if I hadn't just given myself away. But that's how I sell you on my personal brand, I guess. If I were selling anything. I can't really imagine blogging to accomplish something. It seems both much narrower in scope (easier) and much more delicately balanced in terms of success or failure. So long as the blog is the sole purpose of the blogging, I feel secure in whatever I do here. I have thus far avoided looking the objective in the eye.

(Objectif is lens in French, so that's what I'm thinking when I say it. I can't imagine that comes across. Or perhaps you read right through me?)

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