It's sad that flickr has become so uncomfortable to use, because I used to be able to scratch my picture itch there for hours. Instead, over the last few weeks I've read all the old, free magazines I've accumulated. I don't identify with the pictures there in at all the same way, though. It's a stretch. I don't feel like the medium through which my pictures will be shared should affect them at the taking, but it clearly does. I don't feel like a magazine photographer, I feel like an internet photographer.

I didn't realize until this second that the aspect of transition from physical film to online file is very important to how I think about my photos. The physical (and therefore destructible) becoming immaterial, eternal digital ephemera is... significant to me. It makes pictures into an abstraction of themselves, just as they are abstractions of the world. It's me making a statement. But taking a picture is both an assertion and a response.

I will never figure anything out.

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