I lay a lot of expectations on the internet to provide me with social contact and community, and it usually lets me down. Like anywhere else you have to make your own first move. But it's done a lot for me, not least by being a place to share my pictures. I go endlessly back and forth thinking that the text exists in support of the images or that the images accompany the text, but it's all mixed up together and no one would see either if it weren't for the connections that digital lines of communication create.

I fell into an internship with an older photographer a few weeks ago, which has been mind-expanding maybe more in the social sense than in the photographic, although certainly there too. I don't usually have interactions where I don't feel that 95% of the things I say are inappropriate and 100% of the things they think are negative judgments.

There's a lot of talk of galleries and portfolios and I don't know how to reconcile that with unsplashily posting everything into this endless narrative. But the questions have always been: how do I get people to see what I make? Which people? Which things made?

Still no answers.

Heimaey, Nov. 2014

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