I have a bad attitude. I don't mind. Sometimes I really appreciate this about myself. The dark side of life is real and somebody has to take it on. We can't all be instagramming shots of tiny, expensive food against grandiose landscapes. There's a place for that, but I have to think there's also a place for slightly fucked-up, somewhat off-putting photos taken on outdated photographic media. (That's my good attitude showing through.) I just wish that sometimes someone would say "I appreciate what you're doing here, Anna, your incisive introspection and confusing photography really speak to the incomprehensibility of human life."

When things feel simple and beautiful, I'll post a simple and beautiful picture. Usually they feel slightly fucked-up and somewhat off-putting. I try to be honest. Is good art honesty or is good art artifice? Rilke says "a work of art is good if it has arisen out of necessity."

Maybe I can stop beating myself up for indulging my compulsions and claim them as good art.

I want to stand up for love. More than anything. People are meant to be together. I say that as a loner, an introvert, a sociophobe, whatever. We respond to and learn from and ultimately are created by one another, whether it's through text or image, from far off or cheek to cheek. I don't know how to stand up for this. I want to be close to people but I am so scared.

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